Billboard Icon Janet Jackson Called for Indiscrimination (Video)


It was Billboard Music Awards 2018 and Janet Jackson, 52, is the first black woman to win the Icon Award.

During her powerful acceptance speech, Janet pledged her solidarity to #MeToo, against sexism, abuse & racism.

“We live at a glorious moment in history. It’s a moment at long last women have made it clear
that we will no longer be controlled, manipulated, or abused.”

#MeToo is an international movement against sexual harassment & assault.

#MeToo has seen victims of violence, intimidation and harassment speaking out against their abusers,
including those in the music industry.

“I stand with those women and with those men equally outraged by discrimination who support us in heart and mind.”

Voicing out her support for indiscrimination, Janet also thanked God for her artistic career.

“My prayer is that, weary of such noise, we turn back to the source of all calmness.
That source — that source is God.”

“Everything we lack, God has in abundance, compassion, sensitivity, patience and a boundless love.”

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