Guess who was the youth entrusted to lead? It was Prophet Muhammad!


[Prophet Muhammad – The Youthsetter: Series 2/3]

Adults tend to look down on  young people, despite the fact that today is the age where  technology and lifestyle are favouring the youths.

They associate youth with immaturity, incompetence and lack of experience. To them, youths are unfit for leadership. They disregard the youths’ voices, including in matters related to the youths themselves.

Not so with Prophet Muhammad. He empowered the youth figures and entrusted them with pivotal roles:

1. MUS’AB BIN UMAIR, the young Diplomat

  • The Prophet selected him as the first international ambassador of Islam, although there were more senior Companions.
  • The Prophet appointed him to influence the people of Madinah to accept Islam. And he did a good job!
  • The Prophet gave him the authority to make his own judgment and decision in resolving difficult matters in his locality.
  • Hence, youth was the golden key to the Hijrah and the establishment of the Islamic State of Madinah!

2. ZAYD BIN THABIT, the young Interpreter

  • Being only 13 years old, he sought participation in the Battle of Badr.
  • Due to his intellectual capability and thirst of knowledge, the Prophet instead asked him to study the Jewish language. Zayd became his interpreter and scriber.
  • Zayd was the team leader of the Quran compiling project for which he had to plan out the complicated processes.
  • Hence, the compiled Quran that we read today is thanks to the youth!

3. USAMAH BIN ZAYD, the young General

  • The Prophet selected this 20-year old soldier to lead the army to Syria, even when veteran Abu Bakr and Umar were also in the troop.
  • The Prophet himself acknowledged his capability: “By Allah, Usamah is as fit for the generalship as was his father!”

Thank you, Prophet Muhammad, for showing that the youth entrusted to lead and empowered!

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