Honesty is The Best Policy (Video)

Honesty is being eroded due to the influence of the digital world.

While there might be some pros, the cons are of real concern.

PRO: Honest voices are getting heard.

It’s now easier to share an opinion, or get support from the public when we are being persecuted.

CON: Irresponsible people on social media.

People become self-centred, ignoring the truth & other people’s feelings.

PRO: People are more open and honest about life.

Daily activities are shared with the world in the social media.

CON: The life shared is only a half-truth.

People are being dishonest and hypocritical, sharing only the bright moments.

PRO: Receiving support for being honest.

People who are steadfast are getting more support or sympathy.

CON: Fear of being ignored.

People are shamelessly faking to get attention on social media.

PRO: Communicating the truth.

People could communicate more directly and frequently, thus avoiding misunderstandings.

CON: Honesty being compromised behind the screen.

In front: all praises, smiles,& good talks. Behind: backbites, jealousy,& talk crap.

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