It’s A Waste of Memorial Day!

You would be surprised to know that only 9 percent of the world’s plastic is recycled.

Since the 1950s, a cumulative amount of 4.9 billion tonnes of non-recycleable plastic waste is recorded, according to a group of researchers from University of California, Santa Barbara.

If only all of those are to be dumped in a landfill, one with the rough size of Manhattan would be required to fill them. Nevertheless, most of them ended up in the ocean, thus are irretrievable, especially those who have already fragmented into microplastics.

Memorial Day: What a huge waste!

Each year, the celebration of Memorial Day is on the last Monday in May. That results in a 3-day long holiday, which is excellent for me-time, family time or leisure time.

Although Memorial Day is formerly meant for commemorating the U.S. military that fought for the nation during the American Civil War, traditional celebrations are getting less observant. Having said so, the celebration of this formerly-known-as Decoration Day, just like any other celebrations, is prone to producing a pile of waste afterward.

As the U.S. celebrates the holidays, it is reported that Americans produce an additional 5 million tons of waste (four million of the 5 million tons consists of wrapping paper and shopping bags).

That is a huge number to ignore.

It is of no wonder that the number of landfills in the U.S. has increased across the century.

You might now feel the urgency to do something. Now, here comes our role to have an eco-friendly Memorial Day celebration.

1. Alert to the change of waste collection schedule

Read the news and look for the change of the waste collection schedule. While the service runs as usual on the day in some regions, most of the U.S. face a delay in the schedule.

This information would help in planning as well as managing your waste beforehand. You could avoid any incoming hassle, which then possibly lead to the improper disposal of the waste.

2. Expecting guests? Make it environment-friendly

You might be preparing some meals for people to come over. Put the nearest neighbors who live within walking distance into your top list to invite.

Opt for washable plates, cups, and napkins. You could afterward put them in the dishwasher, and voila, they could be reused again without adding extra waste to mother nature.

3. Have a green trip

A long trip home would certainly worth it if it does not harm the environment. Go for public transportation, carpool, or a hybrid vehicle.

Plan your trip so that you would not waste your time and gas waiting in the jammed road.

Why not take some time to go to the state park or any natural wonder nearby? You could use the opportunity to teach your kids and family about the environment too.

4. Go for the necessary, sustainable products only

This moment is when the stores would have a great offer. Get a hold of yourself and purchase the necessary things only out of all the eye-capturing products on offer.

There are brands which emphasize sustainability as their feature. Go for them: how amazing it is to shop and save the planet at the same time!

The flags and flowers are there, but why not we go extra steps further to honor them by planting a tree to remember them? With the number of the Americans offering their lives especially during the Civil War in exchange to a united, slave-free nation we are blessed with today, imagine how green America would be with all those trees.

While taking your leave from work to celebrate Memorial Day the greener way, make it even more meaningful by taking a peek into the history of this day to know the true story of what were they fighting for.

That way, this year’s Memorial Day would be a waste no more.

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